Terms and conditions

Our Terms and Conditions:

Our Terms and Conditions

  1. The product once delivered can not be returned.
  2. If you find any duplicate product delivered at your place then you may call our help line number.
  3. All the discounted jewellery product can not be returned once it has been deliveded.
  4. If any branded jewellery product losses it’s color within it’s warrenty preiod then you may call our helpline number. We will deliver you a new jewellery product of same model.
  5. If you find mismatch in color of the delivered product with the product showen in our website
  6. If you have any skin problem or side effect after using our delivered product than you may contact us by calling our helpline number so that we can take required step against it.
  7. This E-commerce website is just a medium to reach you with our best products and services at minimum cost and deliver it in time.
  8. Prices for products are described on our Website and are incorporated into these Terms by reference. All prices are in Indian rupees. Prices, products and Services may change at minibazzer.com